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A Guide To The Top Slim AV Receivers

best slim AV receiver reviews

In the great variety of receivers, when choosing a new one for modernizing the system, you can go crazy not understanding the belonging and importance of functions and their dependence on the price rank. And when it comes to searching for a thin-profile device that differs from the standard one in some aspects – even more so.

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Best 4K AV Receiver Reviews

best 4k receiver

When buying a home theater system, you first think about surround sound, which is perfectly normal. But the fact is that even the most expensive receiver with an amazing soundstage will not give you a full-fledged experience if, at the same time, the processing of surround sound formats will not provide the opportunity to enjoy a high-quality picture.

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Best Home Theater Receiver Under 500 Dollars Reviews

best av receiver under 500 review

Many of you home theater users don’t want to spend your last savings on it, and that’s why I often hear, “Is it possible to build a decent system for a modest amount of money?”. Answering this question, I prepared an article about the most budget segment, in which I will help you choose the best AV receiver under $500.

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Best Yamaha Receiver Reviews – Find Your Perfect Audio Companion

If you have started reading this review, it means that you have already decided on the brand and just want to find your best Yamaha receiver. In this case, it is not necessary to tell about the unique sound of Yamaha, fans of which recognize it from the first “notes”, whether it is surround sound in movies or stereo.

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Best Onkyo Receiver Reviews For Your Audio Setup

best Onkyo receiver review

Onkyo receivers have gained their position as one of the most popular for one simple reason – they have occupied the niche of the middle segment, combining affordability and wide functionality.

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Best Home Theater Receiver Under 1000 Dollars Reviews

best av receiver under $1000

Well, I won’t be a pioneer by calling an audio video receiver the center of any home theater. It is quite logical: you connect video or audio sources (Blu-ray, CD player, or game console) to it so that after processing in it, you can get the result on the receiver (projector, TV, but most importantly – speakers).

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Denon Dominance – The Top AV Receivers Reviews for Audio Enthusiasts

best Denon receiver review

In the world of home theater, receivers take a leading position, and Denon is one of the recognized favorites of the modern market, which offers quite a wide model range. For this reason, I decided to make Denon receiver reviews, selecting the most efficient options in different price segments and explaining their functionality.

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Best Stereo Receiver Reviews

best 2 channel receiver reviews

What could be difficult about putting together a great home audio system? After all, there is a variety of models on the market today. But if you are lost in this flow of such uncomplicated but different devices, my review will help you not get lost and choose the best 2-channel receiver in a mid and budget range.

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Best 11 Channel Receiver Reviews

best 11 channel receiver reviews

When you talk about 11 channels of surround sound, everyone understands that they mean high-end home theater receivers. So, if you have already reached a level and set aside enough money to buy an audiophile sound system, you will find it useful to read my five high-end devices and choose the best 11.2 receiver for yourself.

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Best 5-Channel Receivers Reviews

best 5 channel receiver reviews

Apparently, you are already a happy home theater owner looking for options to upgrade your system. In that case, reviewing the best 5-channel receivers is a great way to understand what a 5.1 amplifier system can offer you.

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Best 7.2 Receivers Reviews

best 7 channel receivers reviews

The 7.1 configuration is by far the most popular and in demand for people who want a home theater system with good features and at a reasonable price. In particular, such popularity of 7.1 systems is due to Dolby Atmos technology, which implies suspended speakers.

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Best 9.2 AV Receiver Reviews

best 9 channel receiver reviews

Choosing the AV receiver for creating quality Atmos system can encounter difficulties of various kinds. It’s because of the wide variety of models and the wide price range available on the market. Therefore, I offer you my selection of carefully chosen models, among which you will surely find your best 9.2 receiver.

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Marantz SR7015 Review

Marantz AVR SR7015 review

I’ve been impressed with the Marantz brand for quite a long time, so I try not to miss their most interesting models. My AVR SR7015 review is dedicated to one of them. I believe it is one of the superior receivers Marantz has released recently.

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Denon AVR-S570BT Review

Denon AVR-S570BT review

In this Denon AVR-S570BT review, I want to talk about the features and functions of this device. This model is quite good for its price and will be an excellent option for those looking for a device to create a surround sound system and not pretend to be excessive bells and whistles. Let’s take a closer look at the Denon AVR-S570BT.

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Sony STR-AN1000 Review

Sony STR-AN1000 review

I have long wanted to test this receiver, so meet my Sony STR-AN1000 review. It is a relatively new model from a well-known brand that will delight you not only with good sound but also with a fairly wide range of different functions.

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Yamaha RX-A2A Review

Yamaha RX-A2A review

My Yamaha RX-A2A receiver review is dedicated to the youngest device in the Aventage series. This is quite an interesting mid-range model, which has something to please a wide range of consumers. Let’s not waste time and move on to the most interesting things.

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