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Voice-Over Equipment Buying Guide

Voice over is simply recording something with the help of equipment like microphone. In this article you will come to know about voice over equipment required in order to record the perfect voice without any interruptions at all. Therefore, if you are interested then you need to require some knowledge related to voice recording equipment as that will help in better understanding.

Also do not forget to stay till the end with us. Equipment needed for voice-overs are normal like microphone, stand, headphones, and many other things. Therefore, you need to keep this thing in mind and also different equipment comes with different functionalities that you need to keep in mind. Also voice over can be done at studio or right at home which is up to you as there are different pros and cons about it.

You should not only focus on one thing but instead the place matters a lot as only equipment won’t be able to help you alone. Professional skills as well as expertise require a lot, which is why studios are the best to record voice-overs.

Equipment you might have to heard before

There are loads of equipment available that can help in recording the voice over right at your home like:


The number one thing that is required is the microphone because without that you will not come to record any kind of audio. It is the source of input and the quality of microphone decide the quality of the output so make sure that you are using the best in class microphone while recording.


It is essential to hear the material you are recording which is why headphones are required and you should make sure about one thing that is that it is of better quality. If not then you might not be able to have better listening quality at the time of recording the voice.


You cannot hold the microphone in hands and record the video, which is why you need to get a microphone stand. With the help of that, you can easily place the microphone and record the voice without any interruptions at all.

Shock mount

Background noise does not sound goof in the voice over which is why you need to get a shock mount, which will help, in eliminating all the background noise without any issue at all.

Pop filters

This filter helps in diffusing the hissing sound that can be occurred naturally while recording the voice over. So by the help of this you can easily come to record the audio or the voice in high quality.

Acoustic treatment

If you want to achieve results like a professional then acoustic treatment will be going to help you in clearing the noise of any kind. These are the tools that you must have if you want better voice over recorded right at your studio or home. In addition, it is easy to use the above discussed equipment without any issue at all.

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