Quick Update:

thanks to marty defatte for all his hard work.
hope this makes things easier for everybody.
take a look around.
buy stuff.
etc etc.

Quick Update:

I will not be carrying the limited Lightbearer DLPs the band and Eyes of Sound released. Blame obscene shipping prices, a terrible exchange rate and other details out of my control. Sorry.

Quick Update:

Protestant ‘Stalemate’ pre-orders are up!!! Go fucking nuts!! P.S. new way more awesome website soon!!

Summer is winding down. Get ready for Fall, I guess

Protestant stalemate 10inch pre-orders go up soon! More details soon!!

Alpinist / Masakari, Northless and Enabler tours are over. Thanks to those that supported them all on the way.

Lots of Alpinist / Masakari split LPs left. get one!

Lots of Northless DLP represses left. Get one!

Almost out of Enth LPs.

Got some more Get Rad 7″s back in a return. Get one!

Down to seven Lightbearer DLPs. Get one!

Several Masakari The Prophet Feeds LPs left. Get one!

Postage causing a cash hemorrhage. Buy stuff!

Alpinist / Masakari split LPs are in. Bands are on tour together NOW. The split LPs are half gone. Get one!

Enth lps are half gone. Get one!

Protestant 10inch is at the plant. Oct. 1-8 out West. Come see us!

Northless DLP repress is half gone. Get one! Get a CD too! They leave for tour on Aug. 13th out East. Go see ’em!

Masakari The Prophet Feeds repress down to 4 copies. Get one!

Lightbearer DLPs down to ‘slightly damaged’ last copies. Get one cheaper!

Have a few Get Rad 7″s and End of All 7″s coming back from RevHQ. Back on the website soon.

Almost out of Lightbearer and Halo of Flies shirts! Get one!

Postage causing a cash hemorrhage. Buy stuff! Thanks for all the support!

Quick Update:

Enth s/t LPs are in. Alpinist / Masakari split LPs here end of month if I luck out. Order shit. Lots in distro. Go!!

Quick Update:

Alpinist / Masakarisplit LP and Enth s/t LP pre-orders are up!!

so so so much news…where to start…

Firstly, thanks to everyone who orders, cares, helps, reposts, retweets, buys, sells, talks, etc. I’ll hit five years in about 5 months. I really appreciate all the support and friendship.

Coming Soon:

Masakari / Alpinist split LP pre orders go up Tuesday, July 12th (release date: August 3rd). I will have 40 SPLITS on marble grey/black vinyl – the rest on black. First preorders get those – remaining 60 color goes to bands for tour. See pre order / releases page for more info when the time comes.

Enth S/T LP is shipping to me now. Pre-orders go up Tuesday, July 12th. Should be here the same time the above split arrives. Doom of the highest funeral order. You like Asunder, and slow shit like that? these poles doom it up. I like Kuchar (Enth/Suffering Mind/etc) a lot, so i agreed to take 50 for the US. When the pre order starts (sorry, nothin fancy, just very few), dont sleep on it. Ditto on more info 7/12.

now available/almost gone:

Northless Clandestine Abuse DLP is in. The new vinyl is a sweet (yum!) candy red color. 300 or so of these. Don’t snooze.

Suffering Mind / Neon Hole split 7″ is almost gone. want one? you best get on it. have like 3 of em.

The Assassinators 7″ is gone. Or I have 1. Whichever.

Masakari sleep / rot 7″ is almost gone. Can’t believe I still have copies.

The Makai LP is still here, though not for long. The record is soo good, you are truly missing out if you don’t have it.

In the works:

Protestant ‘tba’ 10inch goes to press very soon. Out late september.

Not On Tour ‘n.o.t on tour’ tape goes to press soon. Out (hopefully) in time for their Euro tour in august.

Some other stuff is in the works. Can’t say at the moment. Too much to do as it is. My mind is mush.


Masakari and Alpinist are on tour in August. Northless is a doing a week in August. Protestant is doing a week in October with Amarok (cali). Get Rad is playing a lot locally. Thou came back from Europe a few days ago. I dunno, go see bands, buy records/merch and support shit you like.


Put some distro stuff on sale, see the sale page. And, as always, lots of new distro items all the time.
New Denovali Records items, Thou stuff comin soon, more more more! check it.

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