Momentum shirts are in! more!

Momentum shirts are in, and have shipped about 17 as of today.
2nd batch being printed next week by StayRad Screenprinting.
if you ordered an LP and were from the US OR you just ordered a shirt before 12pm CST sat nov19, your shirt has shipped.
all orders after will ship tuesday or wednesday or later depending on stock. thanks for all the orders!!
Momentum test presses were approved last week.
i should have the records in mid december at the latest.
still have copies on clear, but wont forever. get on it.

more news on many fronts soon.

thanks again!! – Cory

MOMENTUM pre orders – more!!

MOMENTUM whetting occam’s razor LP preorders are up now.
there is also a shirt you can order with (see bundle option) or separately from the merch page.

in other news,
i should have the much delayed (and much talked about via me) tape from NOT ON TOUR just about any day now. they come with a sweet and big ol patch made by sweet dude Kevin of StayRad Screenprinting.
get one.
HUNGRY LUNGS s/t 7″ should be done any day now as well. i’ll ship as soon as i get em(from germany). its a brutal little fucker. get on it.
PROTESTANT stalemate 10″ is being repressed on ‘coke bottle’
clear vinyl. 300 more and probably before the end of the year. simpler, more efficient packaging cuz we got fucked over with broken plates..
ENABLER / DRAINLAND split 7″ is at the plant. fucking evil.
AMAROK / ENTH lp is in the works as is the SNIGMORD tape and the SUFFERING MIND / PROTESTANT split 6″.
still hanging around:
about 240 ALPINIST / MASAKARI split lp’s, 80 NORTHLESS dlps, 25 THE MAKAI lps, ONE EACH of the ENTH lp and MASAKARI the prophet feeds lp, and maybe 2 SUFFERING MIND / NEON HOLE splits 7″s.

november news…

this will be quick as most things will be followed up on very soon.

release news:

HUNGRY LUNGS s/t 7″ preorders are up. almost out of ltd color.

i get very few of these. dont snooze on this. seriously.

NOT ON TOUR not on tour Tape EP preorders are up! its gonna come with a patch. you’ll be humming these songs for weeks.

MOMENTUM whetting occam’s razor LP is at plant. tests and preorders very soon.

PROTESTANT stalemate 10″ repress waiting to go to press. more info soon.

ENABLER / DRAINLAND split 7″ to go to press next week. more info soon.

SNIGMORD demo Tape to go to press soon. more info soon.

AMAROK / ENTH split LP to go to press this winter. more info soon.

PROTESTANT splits with MARITIME and SUFFERING MIND still need recordings.

merch news:

trying to work out HALO OF FLIES winter work gloves,


still have LIGHTBEARER shirts/hoodies (tho very few!) and other items.

distro news:

Huge DENOVALI order about to ship from germany.

many distro updates over the last few weeks. more today and always.

older things:

ALPINIST / MASAKARI split LP, NORTHLESS dlp, THE MAKAI lp, THE ASSASSINATORS 7″s still available. GET RAD 7″ down to 1 copy.


hey! Cds?

so i put (with marty’s help of course) up a new distro page full of Cds.
(since i didnt notice there wasnt one. ahem)
so if you like that kinda shit, email me and help me get rid of them.
cuz its really me against this random pile of music/stuff in my office, and cd’s are the least pretty thing in here.
if you want, like a shit ton, i will cut you such a deal you will tear up in gratitude. got it? good.

i’ll be in appleton nov4 and mpls nov5.
so come out and see me go hoarse singin with Protestant and come buy some records as i will have the massive distro and shit.


more news soon.


…back from tour.
all orders previous and during tour have shipped.
i/we had a blast on tour with AMAROK.
will have a buttload of their LPs in soon, so y’all get on it.

in other news:
NOT ON TOUR tape at plant. SNIGMORD tape at plant soon.
MONUMENTUM lp to go to press in the next couple weeks.
PROTESTANT stalemate 10″ will be repressed asap, as i am already out and am only selling the bands copies til the repress comes in.
still have a bunch of the ALPINIST / MASAKARI split LPs and NORTHLESS dlps left as well as a few copies of the GET RAD 7″ and ENTH LP.
more super awesome releases tba.
tons of new distro items will be up tomorrow.
get stoked.

Quick Update:

i will be on tour with PROTESTANT and AMAROK sat oct 1st – sun oct 9th.
i will answer emails as i can, but any orders placed after 11am CST fri sept30th will not be filled until i return. some orders placed prior may wait as well, in case you are wondering where your stuff is.
come see me on tour if you live in the following towns:
oakland, chico, redding, eugene, portland, olympia, seattle
thanks again for all the support.

Quick Update:

new DENOVALI RECORDS items in distro.
check it out.

PROTESTANT stalemate // west coast tour!!

PROTESTANT stalemate 10″s have shipped to initial orders, and to the other labels.

tomorrow (9/23) distro copies ship.

PROTESTANT will leave in a little over a week for tour up the west coast
with our pals in AMAROK. they will crush you with doom and niceness.
Oct 1st Oakland – Sugar Mountain w/ Negative Standards, Pigs
Oct 2nd Chico – Cafe Coda w/ La Fin Du Monde, The Empty Set
Oct 3rd Redding – Sue’s Java Cafe w/ Stress Relief, Caulfield
Oct 4th Eugene – Lazarus Pit
Oct 5th Portland – The Know w/ Squalora, Raw Nerves
Oct 6th Portland – Megaton House w/ Nux Vomica, Transient
Oct 7th Olympia – The House by the Cemetery
Oct 8th Seattle – The Morgue w/ Bell Witch, Crutches

the label/distro will basically close while i am on tour. emails will be answered, but orders wont ship. get orders in NOW.

Quick Update:

PROTESTANT ‘stalemate’ 10″s are out now.

preorders ship tomorrow.

these things are flying. dont snooze.

european label copies and distro/trades ship early next week.

get stoked.

Quick Update:

PROTESTANT ‘stalemate” 10inch record release shows are this weekend.

pre order versions (red cover) are sold out from me, tho the other (european) labels will have copies.

pre orders will ship asap. still assembling these monsters.

thanks for all the orders.

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