two records came out in one week. so, yeah..

HEARTLESS certain death 7″s are in. preorders shipped. distro copies shipped. they play a release show in pitt w VitaminX(5/18), and MDF shortly thereafter. the record is already half gone. dont sleep.

CENTURIES broken hymns LP are in. preorders shipped. most distro copies shipped. they are putting out an Lp w Southern Lord later in the year and are touring in fall as well. dont sleep.

MOMENTUM herbivore LPs are in. all shipped. half gone. dont sleep.

i got copies of the new FINISTERRE hexis 12″ and RUINS incidents lp in as well for North American distro, and a few copies of the TODESKOMMANDO ATOMSTURM lp.
you’d be a fool not to pick up at least one of them!

now that youve read this far..
LIGHT BEARER silver tongue DLPs are shipping to me next week. i will become superhuman and ship them to you all as soon as i can once in.
there will be another post once i have confirmation of details.

more records, more b.s.

MOMENTUM herbivore LP is finally out.
Preorders shipping asap.
i might have a couple left on green..
shipping Forged In Iron’s copies to them asap.
thanks so much for your patience!

AMBER lovesaken LP pre orders are up!
go get one!! now!! im so glad i got in touch with them last year.
this new LP is amazing.

waiting on HEARTLESS certain death 7″ tests..
preorders on april 16th. more news then.
ps. its a RIPPER!

CENTURIES broken hymns LP’s in soon.
thanks for the orders!

LIGHT BEARER silver tongue DLPs will be in this month.
waiting to hear confirmation on an exact date.
shirts ordered with the DLP by those in the US before 4/4/13 were shipped
thanks for all the orders and patience regarding this monster of a record. itll be worth it!

MULTIPLE TRUTHS no one wins LPs have moved a fair amount.
hey people! hey europe! lets trade!!

almost out of CLOUD RAT lps (again..). hurry!

LIGHT BEARER Lapsus Repress is nearly gone as well.

SNIGMORD tapes are few…

i have a nice pile of PROTESTANT reclamation LPs.
i’ll toss wholesalers/traders bunches of em at a lower price.
you just gotta ask.

is spring here? i hope so.

LIGHT BEARER silver tongue!

LIGHT BEARER silver tongue DLP preorders are now up.
all the info and such is over at the releases page.

go get one!! its an amazing record and im going all out on it!


CENTURIES – broken hymns LP – preorders / more!

CENTURIES – broken hymns LP – pre orders are up.
100 on grey / 100 on black coming my way next month.
newly signed to SouthernLord, so methinks these will move quick.
do not sleep on this.
MULTIPLE TRUTHS no one wins LPs are nearly ready.
preorders will ship next week, but only if NOT ordered with the MOMENTUM ‘herbivore’ LP.. (see below)
theyll play 3 release shows mar14,15,16 in milwaukee, chicago, toronto.

MOMENTUM herbivore LP will leave the plant next week with any luck.
all remaining preorders will ship asap once they arrive.

LIGHT BEARER silver tongue DLP preorders go up on tues mar12th.
intensely packaged. details will be thoroughly explained then.

AMBER lovesaken LP and HEARTLESS certain death 7″ details very soon.

thanks for all the support and patience with everything.
pressing plants are fucking slow (record store day, incompetence, etc), money is tight, and i appreciate every order.


Enter to win a limited colored vinyl version of both Lps as well as a Test Pressing of both Lps!!
Email your name and address with HOF CONTEST in the subject to:
ONE winner will be chosen next Tuesday, march 12th.

patience young jedi.

MOMENTUM and MULTIPLE TRUTHS lps will be out in early/mid march.

LIGHT BEARER silver tongue DLP (US Pressing) will have pre orders going up around the same time. out in april.

more info on upcoming CENTURIES and AMBER lp’s very soon as well.
and dont forget the HEARTLESS certain death 7″….

thats all. buy a record or two.



MOMENTUM ‘herbivore’ LP and MULTIPLE TRUTHS ‘no one wins’ LP are up for preorder!

there are combo options to get both (cheap in the US!)
or one of each with any available HoF LP.. so get on it!



-also really really low on CLoud Rat ‘moksha’ LPs.
am awaiting a restock from nevin at IFB
as i will be out by the 10th or so.

-Gattaca s/t 7″ is almost gone. so get one if you havent.

-tons more stuff coming up. you’ll see.

postage increases / etc

on 1/27/13 USPS will raise prices.
in some cases quite severely.
ive done all i can to keep items cheap as possible.

International Customers:
to solve the problem of paying too much for a single item, get a LARGE order together with friends, another distro, etc.
i’ll do all i can to help.

in other news:
CLOUD RAT moksha LP is out and selling like friggin hotcakes. get one!

MOMENTUM herbivore LP and MULTIPLE TRUTHS no one wins LP are at the plant and will have preorders up in early/mid february.

NORTHLESS valley of lead 10″ down to very few copies. hurry!
GATTACA s/t 7″ – ditto!

AMBER tape and shirts are still quite available. go!

PROTESTANT reclamation LP has been repressed.
distros get in touch for super low wholesale rates!!

tons more going on..


so the year is about 2 or so weeks from ending.
thanks for all the support this year.
its been nuts.
i’ll try to make 2013 as good.

news on stuff you might care about:

NORTHLESS 10″ preorders have shipped for the most part and some trades soon as well. this thing has been a huge chore to put together, but its insane and awesome all the while and i hope you snag one before its gone.

PROTESTANT LP repress in any day now. 100 on clear. band gets half.
europeans and others get in touch for sweet wholesale deals.

AMBER tapes will be shipping by end of next week.
a preorder package will go up 12/17/13.
NarShardaa will do the same for europe, dont you worry.

GATTACA s/t 7″ should be shipping to me next week. then i’ll get em out to you asap.

LIGHT BEARER lapsus DLP repress in any day now as well. get on it.
dont wanna miss out twice do you?

CLOUD RAT moksha LP at plant. tests in next week.
out in feb2013. they tour europe in spring.

MOMENTUM herbivore LP is recorded and will go to press soon.
i sang on a song, so.. yeah. more news soon. out in feb/mar 2013.

MULTIPLE TRUTHS LP to press before 2013. out in mar 2013.

AMBER just finished their tba LP and we’ll see when we can go to press on that.. out in may 2013 most likely.

waiting on firmer news from HUNGRY LUNGS / HEXIS, and HEARTLESS on when there will be recordings ready, but both 7″s will happen this spring.

i have leftover Drainland shirts on sale. get one. great band.
i have a decent amount of Halo of Flies shirts left as well. c’mon!

thanks again folks.

LIGHT BEARER, preorders galore!!


LIGHT BEARER lapsus DLP is being repressed. preorders are up.
get one. now.
out in december. hopefully before xmas.

NORTHLESS valley of lead 10″ dropping very soon. plant was backed up.
assembly starts really soon on the covers. you’ll have em as soon as i can get em out. thanks for waiting.

GATTACA s/t 7″ delayed from across the pond at another plant.
ditto on the patience. pick one up if you havent!

PROTESTANT reclamation LP repress is shipping to me soon as well.
clear vinyl always looks great, so grab one. its our best record yet. 😉

FALL OF EFRAFA shirts have all shipped, and i have some left.
figure they’ll all be gone and never made again after the end of 2012.

HALO OF FLIES shirts are here and you know you want one!

AMBER tape at the plant. once i know theyre coming, there will be a way to order them.


CLOUD RAT moksha LP going to press next week. out in january 2013.
MULTIPLE TRUTHS tba LP going to press soon. out in spring 2013.
MOMENTUM herbivore LP is being recorded in a few weeks. out in spring 2013.
LIGHT BEARER silver tongue DLP is being recorded in Jan 2013.
out in late spring 2013, incl a special edition.
AMBER tba LP being recorded soon. out in late spring 2013.

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