winter. 2016/2017

some items of note below.
i will likely do some winter blow out sale of some sort, unsure.
i have some big plans for a couple records, and some bands are gonna bury you with their new records i assure you.
lets hope 2017 is better than 2016. – cory

grab bag sale!
2016 (plus!) HALO OF FLIES GRAB BAG – $100ppd in USA
— while supplies last. will replace any o/s items with other HoF or random (re sick) distro items. paypal to:
HALO81 LIFES / SUFFERING MIND – Split 7″ (’15)
HALO82 Northless / Primitive Man – Split LP
HALO83 Totem Skin – Weltschmerz LP
HALO84 Anopheli – The Ache Of Want LP
HALO85 Ruins – Within LP
HALO87 Khmer / Livstid – Split 10″
HALO88 Svalbard – One Day All This Will End LP
HALO89 Pyramido – Vatten LP
HALO90 Dark Circles / Abstracter – Split LP
HALO91 Rorcal – Creon DLP
HALO92 Morrow – Covenant Of Teeth LP
HALO93 Dawn Ray’d – A Thorn, A Blight LP
HALO94 Weak Wrists – s/t LP
HALO96 Svalbard – 2012 – 2014 Discography DLP

2016/17 schedule n stuff
HALO52 CLOUD RAT moksha LP – 5th pressing – OUT TODAY!
rest of early/mid/later 2017:
Dakhma lp
Cloud rat / Crevasse split 7″
Hexis lp
Cloud rat / Disrotted split lp
Cloud rat / Moloch split lp
Archivist dlp
Khmer lp
Northless dlp

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