records are fun. get into it.

ENABLER all the void LPs will be here before the end of the month.
they will be on tour with Martyrdod and Black Breath and more mid june to mid july!
NORTHLESS / LIGHTBEARER split LP tests in tuesday. with approval out shortly thereafter.’
there will be a giveaway of the test pressing version soon via CVLT NATION!
MASAKARI the prophet feeds LP repress out in a few weeks. some on green!
MASAKARI / GRIN AND BEAR IT split 5″ out early july. (erika records sucks)
thanks for your undying patience. MASAKARI on tour in europe in july/aug w/Alpinist.
NORTHLESS tba 10″ out in august/sept. 5 yr anniversary! holy crap!
PROTESTANT tba LP out in sept. touring east/canada in sept/oct.
50 copies to include (since its HALO50) a special item. (you’ll shit i think)

2-3 more releases planned (shh!) for the rest of 2012/early 2013.
we’ll see where/when they land.

-in other news:
PROTESTANT stalemante 10″ (repress) down to 8 copies.
NEGATIVE STANDARDS 10″ down to 60 copies.
NOT ON TOUR tape down to 9 copies.
ENABLER / DRAINLAND split 7″ (repress) down to 30 copies.
ALPINIST / MASAKARI split LP down to 50 copies.
MOMENTUM lp down to 100 copies.
ENTH / AMAROK split LP down to 60 copies.


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