postage increases / etc

on 1/27/13 USPS will raise prices.
in some cases quite severely.
ive done all i can to keep items cheap as possible.

International Customers:
to solve the problem of paying too much for a single item, get a LARGE order together with friends, another distro, etc.
i’ll do all i can to help.

in other news:
CLOUD RAT moksha LP is out and selling like friggin hotcakes. get one!

MOMENTUM herbivore LP and MULTIPLE TRUTHS no one wins LP are at the plant and will have preorders up in early/mid february.

NORTHLESS valley of lead 10″ down to very few copies. hurry!
GATTACA s/t 7″ – ditto!

AMBER tape and shirts are still quite available. go!

PROTESTANT reclamation LP has been repressed.
distros get in touch for super low wholesale rates!!

tons more going on..

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