more records, more b.s.

MOMENTUM herbivore LP is finally out.
Preorders shipping asap.
i might have a couple left on green..
shipping Forged In Iron’s copies to them asap.
thanks so much for your patience!

AMBER lovesaken LP pre orders are up!
go get one!! now!! im so glad i got in touch with them last year.
this new LP is amazing.

waiting on HEARTLESS certain death 7″ tests..
preorders on april 16th. more news then.
ps. its a RIPPER!

CENTURIES broken hymns LP’s in soon.
thanks for the orders!

LIGHT BEARER silver tongue DLPs will be in this month.
waiting to hear confirmation on an exact date.
shirts ordered with the DLP by those in the US before 4/4/13 were shipped
thanks for all the orders and patience regarding this monster of a record. itll be worth it!

MULTIPLE TRUTHS no one wins LPs have moved a fair amount.
hey people! hey europe! lets trade!!

almost out of CLOUD RAT lps (again..). hurry!

LIGHT BEARER Lapsus Repress is nearly gone as well.

SNIGMORD tapes are few…

i have a nice pile of PROTESTANT reclamation LPs.
i’ll toss wholesalers/traders bunches of em at a lower price.
you just gotta ask.

is spring here? i hope so.

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