LIGHT BEARER, preorders galore!!


LIGHT BEARER lapsus DLP is being repressed. preorders are up.
get one. now.
out in december. hopefully before xmas.

NORTHLESS valley of lead 10″ dropping very soon. plant was backed up.
assembly starts really soon on the covers. you’ll have em as soon as i can get em out. thanks for waiting.

GATTACA s/t 7″ delayed from across the pond at another plant.
ditto on the patience. pick one up if you havent!

PROTESTANT reclamation LP repress is shipping to me soon as well.
clear vinyl always looks great, so grab one. its our best record yet. 😉

FALL OF EFRAFA shirts have all shipped, and i have some left.
figure they’ll all be gone and never made again after the end of 2012.

HALO OF FLIES shirts are here and you know you want one!

AMBER tape at the plant. once i know theyre coming, there will be a way to order them.


CLOUD RAT moksha LP going to press next week. out in january 2013.
MULTIPLE TRUTHS tba LP going to press soon. out in spring 2013.
MOMENTUM herbivore LP is being recorded in a few weeks. out in spring 2013.
LIGHT BEARER silver tongue DLP is being recorded in Jan 2013.
out in late spring 2013, incl a special edition.
AMBER tba LP being recorded soon. out in late spring 2013.

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