its spring! records in, records out. (updated 4/11)

halo45 NEGATIVE STANDARDS I-V 10″ – tests approved. out 4/27/12.
halot5 SNIGMORD 2012 demo Tape – should be done soon.
halo44 RUINED FAMILIES 7″ down to 2 copies.
halo43 ENTH / AMAROK split LPs are in and movin out. about half gone.
halo42 ENABLER / DRAINLAND split 7″ sold out.
halo41 HUNGRY LUNGS 7″ down to 2 copies.
halo40 MOMENTUM LP down to about 120 copies. 1 left on clear!
halo39 SUFFERING MIND / PROTESTANT split 6″s sold out.
halo38 PROTESTANT 10″ down to about 40 copies.
halo37 ALPINIST / MASAKARI split LP down to about 80 copies.
halot4 NOT ON TOUR tape down to about 12 copies.
halo19 END OF ALL places 7″ down to 3 copies.

everything else is gone.

going to the plant soon:
halo47 MASAKARI / GRIN AND BEAR IT split 5″
halo48 ENABLER all hail the void LP

going to the plant later:
halo49 NORTHLESS tba 10″

tons of stuff in the distro.

see some of you at GILEAD FEST 4/28-29

yadda yadda yadda.


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