hot news.

it was 100 degrees yesterday. in wisconsin.
so if you’re ever jealous of our snow and mild temps, dont be.

ENABLER lps have come in and shipped.
pre orders and copies to RevHQ, TheEnd and Ebullition, as well as others, are out and likely in stock.
im down to about half (or less) of my copies.

NORTHLESS / LIGHT BEARER split LP is being prepped to ship to me as i type. after band copies and pre orders, half of the 600 copies are gone.
once a few others get orders in.. well lets just say i wouldnt wait forever to order one (or 2 or 3).

MASAKARI / GRIN AND BEAR IT split 5″ has been something of a nightmare.
Erika Record pressing is basically garbage. they should be shipping to me any day now. thanks so much for understanding, ordering, and being awesome supporters of HoF, the bands, and fun DIY shit in general.
to note: id say over half of these are sold/spoken for..

PROTESTANT reclamation LP is being mastered, and we’ll have a final master to the plant asap. release date: sept21 2012
note: the ‘special item’ to be included (its HALO50!!) is still in kinda ‘secret mode’ but lets just say its handmade and will be available ONLY with the PROTESTANT lp and as a PRE ORDER.

NORTHLESS still hafta mix and then master their 10″ tracks, so we’re looking at a oct/nov release on that.. it should give me/us more time to do something utterly ridiculous packaging wise.

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