so the year is about 2 or so weeks from ending.
thanks for all the support this year.
its been nuts.
i’ll try to make 2013 as good.

news on stuff you might care about:

NORTHLESS 10″ preorders have shipped for the most part and some trades soon as well. this thing has been a huge chore to put together, but its insane and awesome all the while and i hope you snag one before its gone.

PROTESTANT LP repress in any day now. 100 on clear. band gets half.
europeans and others get in touch for sweet wholesale deals.

AMBER tapes will be shipping by end of next week.
a preorder package will go up 12/17/13.
NarShardaa will do the same for europe, dont you worry.

GATTACA s/t 7″ should be shipping to me next week. then i’ll get em out to you asap.

LIGHT BEARER lapsus DLP repress in any day now as well. get on it.
dont wanna miss out twice do you?

CLOUD RAT moksha LP at plant. tests in next week.
out in feb2013. they tour europe in spring.

MOMENTUM herbivore LP is recorded and will go to press soon.
i sang on a song, so.. yeah. more news soon. out in feb/mar 2013.

MULTIPLE TRUTHS LP to press before 2013. out in mar 2013.

AMBER just finished their tba LP and we’ll see when we can go to press on that.. out in may 2013 most likely.

waiting on firmer news from HUNGRY LUNGS / HEXIS, and HEARTLESS on when there will be recordings ready, but both 7″s will happen this spring.

i have leftover Drainland shirts on sale. get one. great band.
i have a decent amount of Halo of Flies shirts left as well. c’mon!

thanks again folks.

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