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artist: Rorcal
title: Vilagvege LP

“With “VILAGVEGE”, Rorcal lift up their black hoods and reveal their darkest facet. Imagine the biggest tragedy that could fall upon us and multiply it by 1000, still… you wouldn’t get close to what “VILAGVEGE” sounds like. If this is the evilest face of Rorcal, man, i’m going back to their older stuff in order to find some peace.. really. You have no idea what to expect here. Simply, one of the best and most anticipated releases for this year. May we all go down in flames at the sound of “VILAGVEGE” for this is the soundtrack of the Apocalypse.”
-forever cursed

this is a repress.
1st pressing of 300 (2/2013) is sold out.

525 copies. 180gram vinyl.
425 black, 100 on clear/white (sold out from me)
spot varnish covers.

co released with Lost Pilgrim, Sickmangettingsick, Cal Of Ror.