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artist: Morrow
title: Covenant Of Teeth LP

International crust supergroup of sorts. members of Carnist, Archivist, LightBearer(rip) and others.
4 tracks of sorrowful neo/emocrust.

1000 copies. 800 black. 200 amber.
180 GRAM vinyl. gatefold covers, huge 11×11″ booklet, download code.
preorders 6/18/2016

see bands info below

co released with Alerta Antifascista (ger) and Chaos Rurale (can)

Morrow is:

David: Guitar, Bass and Drums
Alex: Vocals, art, narrative
Nicole: Cello
Guest Vocals: (check out all of their awesome bands!)
Brian Josh and Lacy of Anopheli
Natalie of Wildspeaker
Oskar and Erik of Monachus
Lee of The Nepalese Temple Ball
Dean of Knifedoutofexistence
Joe of Masakari
Anna of Archivist

Spoken word on “The Norr” by Stina, Isaac and Mira
On “forgiving grin” by Jasmine
On “Cleaved Fang” by Adela

Recorded and produced by Boulty at Stuck on a name studios
Mastered by Oskar Karlsson

With huge thanks to everyone who was involved in the creation of this record, all the producers who recorded the guest vocals and to our lovely friends for making so much effort.

Various languages are spoken on this record deliberately. This is a record about remnant cultures on a future earth that has healed the various wounds dealt by the hands of humankind. Our record follows the Norr, whose own culture is comprised of many different peoples. This record is about language, about the sharing of culture and ideas and beliefs.