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artist: Light Bearer
title: Silver Tongue DLP

The 2nd full length after the “Lapsus” DLP, “Beyond the Infinite” EP and the Split LP with Northless.
Nearly 80minutes of post rock influenced doom metal with sludgy heavy hardcore at its well developed core.
this will likely be one of the most critically acclaimed if not most closely scrutinized post metal records of the year.

“This album is intimidating. It is so fucking good, I don’t even know where to start.” – Iron Hops

–This is the special edition version of “Silver Tongue”–

limited to 300 copies worldwide.

i will be selling 150 copies to North American, South American, and Asia/Pacific customers. LightBearer will be handling the UK and Europe.
please order from them if it applies.
180 gram black vinyl double lp housed in a die cut screen printed cover, and cloth slip case.

“rest of world” means: south america, asia, australia, japan, new zealand.

–down to about 75 copies–