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artist: Masakari
title: The Prophet Feeds LP

“Finally a new record from this awesome band from Cleveland! Close your eyes and imagine that His Hero is Gone and Amebix got together and had a child… got it? Ok, now imagine that that child grows up in a dank room full of teenage angst, listening to nothing but Death Side and Disfear records until he is 21 years-old. Now open your eyes and what you have is Masakari, a crust punk band from Cleveland, Ohio.”

1500 copies pressed at Eldorado Record Pressing
May 2010
300 copies on red. 1200 on black vinyl.
Gatefold Covers printed at Eldorado. Co-released w/Alerta Antifascista (germany), Contraszt! germany),
Scarecrow (greece)
Out of Print

500 copies pressed at Optimal Media Production
April 2011
Standard Covers.
150 copies on yellow. 350 on black vinyl.
co released w/Alerta Antifascista (germany), Contraszt! (germany)
Out of Print

500 copies
June 2012
Gatefold Covers
co released w/Alerta Antifascista (germany), Contraszt! (germany)
200 copies on green. 300 on black vinyl.