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artist: Anopheli
title: A Hunger Rarely Sated Tape

Anopheli is an emo crust band from Oakland, CA via London, England.

…started as a little project created between friends living in different countries.

“Jasmine(no babies), Brian and Josh (both of monuments collapse) all live in California and Alex (light bearer, carnist, etc) lives in London. It started off as a lovely idea of immortalizing a friendship with a musical project. So we challenged ourselves, to see if we could write and record a demo in two weeks. We managed to write the songs, but ran out of time to record. Alex came back a few months later and after a handful of practices we managed to record this record with our friend Jack Shirley in an afternoon and evening. (and then many subsequent weeks of mixing, thank you Jack!) We were joined by the extremely talented honorary members Nicole who plays cello and Richard, who played acoustic guitar.
We had such fun creating this record that we decided to continue as a band, and create music as often as we can.”
Anopheli is taken from the word Anopheles, the greek scientific term for Mosquito, which means “good for nothing.” Our first record is called “A hunger rarely sated.

tape version of “A Hunger Rarely Sated”. LP via Alerta Antifascista

100 copies. black tapes.
full color 4 panel covers. download code.
comes with patch.
out august 15th.