Halo of Flies Records http://www.halooffliesrecords.com A DIY hardcore / crust / punk record label located in Milwaukee, WI Sat, 20 Dec 2014 20:36:07 +0000 en-US hourly 1 And finally Winter, with its bitin’, whinin’ wind, and all the land will be mantled with snow. http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/and-finally-winter-with-its-bitin-whinin-wind-and-all-the-land-will-be-mantled-with-snow/ http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/and-finally-winter-with-its-bitin-whinin-wind-and-all-the-land-will-be-mantled-with-snow/#comments Thu, 20 Nov 2014 13:33:46 +0000 http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/?p=10553 its winter. i have no more records coming out this year.
a few in spring/summer. then i will take a break and resume in fall.

KHMER lps are in and shipping.
SVFFER lps are in and shipping, as well as shirts.
CLOUD RAT repress is in and shipping. touring a bit in december.
RECREANT lps are low.
COLD BLUE MOUNTAIN lps getting low. touring in winter 2015.
PROTESTANT lps getting low-ish.
PRIMITIVE MAN / HEXIS split 10″ repress getting low-ish.
SUFFERING MIND / GPP split 7″ getting low-ish. SUFFERING MIND to tour US in summer and appear at MDF.
USNEA / RUINS split 7″ getting low-ish. USNEA has a new DLP on Relapse.
ACCIDENTE lps have been restocked and wont last long.
HEXIS lps are pretty much gone.
DEATHRITE lps are really low.
MONUMENTS COLLAPSE / BREAG NAOFA split LP has been restocked and i have like 3.
SUFFERING MIND / SIXBREWBANTHA split 7″ down to 2 copies.
CARA NEIR lps are pretty low.
JUNGBLUTH lps are pretty low.
NORTHLESS dlp is gone. might repress next year in time for 3 splits theyre doing.
MULTIPLE TRUTHS lps are low.
PROTESTANT reclamation lps are pretty low.
— i also have some copies of MOMENTUM whetting occams razor LP and ENTH/AMAROK split LP deeply discounted.

others tbd

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summers end. http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/summers-end/ http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/summers-end/#comments Thu, 28 Aug 2014 17:20:12 +0000 http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/?p=9948 PROTESTANT in thy name LP is out and shipped.

below is the rest of the news.
if you have any questions ever, email me.

rest of 2014:

ANOPHELI a hunger rarely sated TAPE – out this weekend.

CLOUD RAT moksha LP (repress – 4th pressing) – out in september

RECREANT still burn LP – preorders sept 2 –
out mid sept
COLD BLUE MOUNTAIN old blood LP – preorders sept 2 –
out oct 7

SVFFER lies we live LP (repress) – preorders sept 30 –
out mid oct

KHMER Nubes Que Anuncian Tormenta LP – preorders oct 21 –
out late nov

ANCST tba LP – details tba

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summer. hate. summer. http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/summer-hate-summer/ http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/summer-hate-summer/#comments Thu, 05 Jun 2014 21:31:27 +0000 http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/?p=9547 so behind.. deal w it i guess.

ACCIDENTE LP Repress in soon.

RUINS / USNEA split 7″ have shipped!


PRIMITIVE MAN / HEXIS split 10″ is almost sold out. repress soon.

PRIMITIVE MAN tour dates—–
***European Tour, all dates with Wake***

June 06 Dijon FR Maloka Festival @ Autogere Espace Des Tanneries
June 07 Wetzikon CH Kulturfabrik
June 09 Wien, AUS Arena Wien
June 11 Weimar GER Gerberstrasse
June 12 Berlin GER Koma F
June 13 Copenhagen DEN KB18
June 14 Aarhus DEN Trojborg Beboerhus
June 15 Rostock GER Jaz (Matinee) w/ Weekend Nachos
June 16 Kassel GER Secret Show
June 17 Eindhoven NL Dynamo w/ Weekend Nachos
June 18 Antwerp BEL Kavka w/ Weekend Nachos, Ekzeem A, Nervous mothers
June 19 Hannover GER Stumpf w/ ◯
June 20 Torgau GER Grind The Nazi Scum Fest @ Brückenkopf
June 21 Kiel GER Kiel Explode Festival @ Alte Meierei w/ ◯ , Svffer, In The Hearts of Emperors, Afterlife kids
June 22 Köln GER AZ

***All dates with Opium Lord***

June 24 Brighton UK Green Door Store
June 25 London UK The Unicorn
June 26 Bristol UK St John The Baptist Crypt
June 27 Nottingham UK Stuck On A Name Studios
June 28 Edinburgh UK Bannermans
June 29 Sheffield UK The Redhouse

***All dates from July 19 to Aug 10 with Hexis***

Jul 19 Denver, CO Hi-dive
Jul 20 Omaha, NE West Wing
Jul 21 Kansas City, MO Davey’s uptown
Jul 22 Peoria IL Rail 2
Jul 23 Indianapolis, IN The Melody Inn
Jul 24 Detroit, MI Corktown tavern
Jul 25 Chicago, IL Cobra Lounge
Jul 26 Appleton, WI SurfinBird Skateshop (222 East College Avenue, Appleton, WI) (early)
Jul 26 Milwaukee, WI Cactus Club
Jul 27 Saint Paul, MN The Triple Rock
Jul 28 Winnipeg, MB Zoo Cabaret
Jul 29 Calgary, AB Local 510
Jul 30 Vancouver, BC Biltmore
Jul 31 Seattle, WA Highline
Aug 02 Portland, OR Tonic Lounge
Aug 03 Sacramento, CA Starlite lounge
Aug 04 San Francisco CA Sub Mission
Aug 05 Oakland, CA First church of the buzzard
Aug 06 Santa Cruz, CA Witch House
Aug 07 Los Angeles, CA 5 star bar w/ Agowilt,
Aug 08 Reno, NV Holland Project
Aug 09 Salt Lake City, UT The Sugar Space
Aug 10 Colorado Springs, CO Triple Nickel

HALO73 Protestant – “In Thy Name” LP at the plant.
500 copies on clear with black – US Version – out 7/15/14 on Halo Of Flies
500 copies on grey – EU version – out 8/4/14 on Throatruiner Records
–more info soon–


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LOCKTENDER / AMBER / is spring here? http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/locktender-amber-is-spring-here/ http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/locktender-amber-is-spring-here/#comments Thu, 06 Mar 2014 23:59:22 +0000 http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/?p=9229 NEW STUFF SOON!!
LOCKTENDER rodin LP and AMBER / LOCKTENDER split 7″ are up for pre order!! go get one or two!!
-both out 4/1/14

CLOUD RAT shirts are in! they tour w Thou in April. go see em! get a shirt!
ACCIDENTE lps are in!!! preorders shipped.
holy crap! took long enough! go get one! not a lot of em left!
NORTHLESS world keeps sinking DLp repress is in on BLUE!
on tour 3/14-3/22 on the east coast! go get crushed!!

PRIMITIVE MAN / HEXIS split 10″ is at the plant. out in june 2014
SUFFERING MIND / GUANTANAMO PARTY PROGRAM split 7″ is at the plant. out in may/june 2014
USNEA / RUINS split 7″ going to press soon. out in summer 2014.

HEXIS abalam LP is getting low. get one! touring the US in summer!
DEATHRITE into extinction LP is getting low.
MONUMENTS COLLAPSE / BREAG NAOFA split LP.. i restocked some from the band and theyre almost gone!
get one of the last copies!!
SUFFERING MIND / SIXBREWBANTHA split 7″ is low. get on it! color(s) still available.
CARA NEIR lp is getting low. dont snooze on this bm/screamo/crust hybrid everyone seems to love..
JUNGBLUTH lp is getting low. so good. sold out in milliseconds in europe. they tour the east coast in august 2014!!
and so on..

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frigid cold. ACCIDENTE LP. HEXIS shirts. DEATHRITE shirts. CLOUD RAT & NORTHLESSrepress http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/frigid-cold-accidente-lp-hexis-shirts-deathrite-shirts-cloud-rat-northlessrepress/ http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/frigid-cold-accidente-lp-hexis-shirts-deathrite-shirts-cloud-rat-northlessrepress/#comments Wed, 29 Jan 2014 22:38:36 +0000 http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/?p=9024 SO ITS NOT -14 ANYMORE. WOO.

ACCIDENTE LPS are slow to arrive. will ship preorders asap once in. Promise!

HEXIS shirts are in. lps are moving! on tour all over, and in the US in summer with PRIMITIVE MAN, and REPROACHER!

DEATHRITE shirts are in. lps are moving!

CLOUD RAT lp repress (3rd pressing!) in very soon. new shirts soon too! on tour w THOU in april!

NORTHLESS dlp repress in very soon. on tour (east coast US) in march!

more info and stuff soon. whew.

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winter deathrite, polar hexis! http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/winter-deathrite-polar-hexis/ http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/winter-deathrite-polar-hexis/#comments Tue, 07 Jan 2014 21:00:47 +0000 http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/?p=8894 HEXIS preorders are shipping.
DEATHRITE red vinyl being held at customs.
thanks for waiting.

tons of news regarding upcoming stuff soon.

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FREE SALE! ! ! http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/free-sale/ http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/free-sale/#comments Wed, 13 Nov 2013 17:00:31 +0000 http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/?p=8457 Hey! Any $2 7″ or $6 (or less) LP free with any order over $10. Additional postage costs may apply. Go!

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SUFFERING BANTHAS! http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/suffering-banthas/ http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/suffering-banthas/#comments Wed, 30 Oct 2013 15:01:23 +0000 http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/?p=8325 SUFFERING MIND / SIX BREW BANTHA split 7″ preorders are up!!
go get one!!


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fall!! http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/fall/ http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/fall/#comments Wed, 25 Sep 2013 15:05:17 +0000 http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/?p=8135 JUNGBLUTH in and shipped.
NORTHLESS in and shipped. almost gone.
RORCAL in and shipped. low.

CARA NEIR lp out in 4 weeks. preorders up.

SUFFERING MIND / SIX BREW BANTHA split 7″ to plant soon.

AMBER and LOCKTENDER both recording for split 7″ soon.

more news soon.

have TONS of stuff in the distro. please shop hard.


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RORCAL / NORTHLESS / JUNGBLUTH / etc http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/rorcal-northless-jungbluth-etc/ http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/news/rorcal-northless-jungbluth-etc/#comments Wed, 14 Aug 2013 17:02:24 +0000 http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/?p=7877 so..

Rorcal vilagvege LPs are shipping to me now. preorders are up.
only 30 on clear/white!

Northless world keeps sinking DLPs are en route. out aug23!
get one now !

Jungbluth part ache Lps will be shipping to me next week.
get one now!

Cloud Rat moksha LP repress is in and moving. get one now!
shirts coming soon via me as well!

Light Bearer silver tongue Limited Edition is slightly delayed due to printing delays. more news soon. get one now tho.. moving.!

Cara Neir a portal to a better, deader world LPs are in production.
more news soon.

Suffering Mind / SixBrewBantha split 7″ goes to press sometime soon..

more stuff on the horizon. seriously.

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