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xBrainiax / Lettuce Vultures Split 7″
artist: xBrainiax / Lettuce Vultures
title: Split 7
label(s): SPHC
price: $2

xBrainiax is a familiar name for those into fast hardcore. The ideas of No Comment taken to their conclusion, a nonstop whirlwind, insane complicated arrangements too fast and too furious for my brain to keep up with. To me, the first 7” is a bit of a modern classic, light-years ahead of all their contemporaries conceptually and stylistically, and each further split 7” stepped closer to mastering this style. This split is raw 4-track recordings, 3 short/fast/loud numbers and 1 long and slow creeper, to be filed with their upcoming LP as their best records yet. Lettuce Vultures is the Sockeye crew up to their usual hijinks. 3 tardcore anthems for fans of intelligent art music. If you’re not already familiar, well ahhhhh maybe it’s not for you. I would however like to nominate their rendition of “Walking on Sunshine” as the best cover song of the year.