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lyc bb
artist: Lycanthrophy / Blood I Bleed
title: Split 10"
label(s): Bones Brigade
price: $12

Two European heavyweights to team up for grind/thrash battle!
BLOOD I BLEED are back with 11 new songs of hyper fast grind/thrashcore in the vein of HERESY, HELLNATION, YACOPSAE, S.O.B. Line-up includes 3/4 of legendary Dutch grind outfit MY MINDS MINE.
LYCANTHROPHY deliver 7 new songs of heavy stop & start power violence/grind influenced by CROSSED OUT, SPAZZ, MAN IS THE BASTARD, PHOBIA, CAPITALIST CASUALTIES, STAPLED SHUT and the likes.
17 minutes of mercilessly brutal and fast grind/power violence/thrashcore feast from Holland and Czech Republic!
split at label bandcamp