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artist: Lifes / Short Walk
title: Split 7
label(s): Hygiene / more
price: $3

LIFES is a bass/drum powerviolence duo from Milwaukee that started bringing the fucking heat in 2013 w/ their incredible s/t demo cassette. This split sees them delve into even grittier territory w/ six tracks of face smashing powerviolence bliss, driven by a bowel loosening bass tone and powerful, frantic drumming. Fans of Godstomper/Water Torture/etc… take note.
SHORT WALK also hail from Milwaukee and bring their pummeling brand of fastcore/pv to the flip-side of this split as they savagely rip through 8 tracks of blast beat mayhem in a just a few ticks over 6 minutes. Featuring members of Holy Shit!, No Brainer, & Enabler.