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artist: Leechfeast / Methdrinker
title: Split LP
label(s): Dry Cough / Rope Or Guillotine
price: $13

this new split from two of the best bands currently peddling grimy, disease-ridden punk-influenced sludge/doom (along with the UK’s Moloch, and Germany’s Nightslug – two other bands with an impending releases on Dry Cough!). This EP features one track each from Slovenia’s Leechfeast, and New Zealand’s Meth Drinker.

Leechfeast may not be quite as well known as their Antipodean counterparts, but they’re just as revoltingly brilliant. This track has more of a mournful, murky doom-like feel to it than much of their previous output; but this is definitely not a band thing. They’re still as dark and disturbing as ever.

The flip side features another chunk of seething, ugly sludge from down-under. Painfully slow, bass-heavy, piercing feedback, miserable-as-fuck lyrics, vomitted vocals, this is classic Meth Drinker so rejoice.

The sleeve features suitably disturbing artwork from Langdon Alger.

This is released in time for Meth Drinker’s European tour, including an appearance at Temples Fest, UK!

Limited to 300 copies on black vinyL

stream here