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artist: Horders
title: Fimbulvetr LP
label(s): Feast Of Tentacles
price: $13

over a year in the making, the first official full length album from GIVE UP audio project HORDERS. featuring 14 primarily instrumental tracks that blend elements of ambient drone, harsh noise, acoustic guitar, and metal. creating an aural response to the GIVE UP visual assault in the form of a heavily layered, cycling dirge. ebb and flow, beauty and filth. produced and engineered as a solo project, ‘fimbulvetr’ features guest spots by members of THE BURDEN, WITHDRAWAL, 50/50, and more.

vinyl comes courtesy of the UK’s FEAST OF TENTACLES records and is housed in a full color gatefold jacket. produced in a first pressing of only 500 (400 black, 100 clear). each record comes in a hand screen printed, black inner sleeve