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artist: Hive
title: s/t LP
label(s): self released
price: $12

“Quintessential epic crust…riffs for days, a constant low end heavy chug, and a singer with a rasp well worthy of the Northwest elite. If nothing else, HIVE stands out for the intensity and speed they bring to the game – even the slower, more melodic bits (“Reversal Of Fortune”) will have you clenched tight…the knife edge that this band straddles creates a legitimate tension with even a casual listen. Comparisons aren’t really necessary, but if you monkeys like the sound of a black clad apocalypse with full stacks, then here you go.”
_terminal escape

Self released 45 rpm 12″ version of the 2015 self titled EP. Mastered for vinyl by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering. Limited hand numbered pressing of 300 (all black), with silver on black letterpress stamped covers.