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cr vess
artist: Cracked Vessel
title: No Path Lp
label(s): Hip Kid
price: $12

In Cracked Vessel’s debut full-length, No Path (and we could certainly use a bike path in Chicago), their injustice-filled rage is palpable and seeps out from between clenched teeth. Though undoubtedly rooted in the might of classic, second-wave-inspired Norwegian might, Cracked Vessel’s consistent branching into the rhythmic intrigue and heavy force of early-Fugazi post-hardcore paints their anger in distinctly modern hues. What makes Cracked Vessel so much more enjoyable than the other attempts at black metal and post-hardcore fusion is that there is emotion to back it up. Sure, there are bands like Deafheaven which fuse the two successfully, but, as opposed to their saccharine nature, Cracked Vessel’s rage and heartache comes across as “real,” and that falls in line with their active minimalism. Are there melodic leads? Occasionally, but Cracked Vessel operates under the “short, sharp, shock” punk motto – make your point concisely and with little flair.

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cracked vessel