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artist: Buioingola ‎
title: Il Nuovo Mare LP
label(s): Sentient Ruin
price: $12

Perhaps reaching the end of their obscure but unparalleled existence, mysterious Italian experimental darkwave/post-doom band Buiongola present their swansong to the world in the form of a brand new monolith of obsidian black sonic affliction. Titled “Il nuovo mare” (“The New Sea”in Italian), this brand new – and perhaps final – full-length player by the now dissolved tuscan three-piece is an ulterior step the band has taken toward an unfathomable abyss, shaped once again by the band’s signature strain of agonizing, shoegazy crust and haunting post-punk, interwoven with dismal dark wave dirges, towering black/doom passages, and martial industrial tapestries. Over the span of thirty-five suffocating minutes of darkness-clad misery Buiongola show us once again their mastery in weaving together something unique and unlike anything else: a doomed sonic shrine of crestfallen dark punk-metal magnificence where the core essence of bands like Planks, His Hero Is Gone, Godflesh/Jesu, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Neurosis, Amebix, and Altar of Plagues sublimate into the arms of omnipotent gloom.

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