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Antilles - Staph Split 7"
artist: Antilles / Staph
title: Split 7
label(s): Inkblot
price: $2

Ohio’s ANTILLES meet up for the third and final volume of the first Inkblot Records split 7″ series. Veteran band ANTILLES delivers three new short blasts of fast, aggresive ’90s style Screamo with unique intensity. Over-the-top screamed vocals and buzzing, jangly guitar work saturate the first and third tracks while bass-driven, quieter nervous riffs prevail on the second instrumental song. STAPH rises from the ashes of the now defunct LION OF THE NORTH and play urgent and frenetic chaos mixed with darkly melodic Post-Hardcore. Hyper-technical riffing and shaky energy are felt throughout the six minute plus epic they deliver on this split.