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active minds flexi
artist: Active Minds
title: The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum 7"
label(s): Looney Tunes
price: $4

There is not much left to say about these punks, they are active since 1987 and in 2011 they keep playing gigs and releasing records, web is full of resources about them and more or less you probably have listened to their tunes before so there is no need to say anything about them or their music. The lunatics… is a flexi released in 1994 on a bunch of labels including Loony Tunes (their own label), Per Koro, DIY Rec.s (singer of Battle of Disarm ‘s own label), Nikt Nic Nie Wie Rec.s and many others. It comes in a news paper like cover including lyrics sheets in several languages: polish, Japanese, Spanish etc, actually i don’t know if these writings are the lyrics or the translation of lyrics explanation that is included in English but in any case its worth to check.